Top trending open-source startups in 2023

Snapshot of ROSS Index featuring top open-source startups by Github stars growth of their repositories. All descriptions below are based on public data and were up-to-date at the end of 2023
ROSS Index 2023

  1. LangChain (langchain-ai/langchain, 72.5K stars, 5121% AGR). LangChain enables developers to accelerate their LLM application workflows by overseeing the entire project lifecycle. Founded in 2023 in San Francisco. Raised $10M from Benchmark
  2. Reflex (reflex-dev/reflex, 14.5K stars, 1060% AGR). Reflex is an open-source, full-stack Python framework that allows you to quickly design and deploy web apps. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco. Raised $5.5M from Y Combinator, Abstract Ventures
  3. AITable (apitable/apitable, 11K stars, 663% AGR). AITable is a spreadsheet-based AI chatbot builder, it trains ChatGPT on your real-time data and lets you add a chat widget to your website. Founded in 2022 in Toronto
  4. (sismo-core/sismo-badges, 16.2K stars, 585% AGR). is a software development company that issues ZK badges for reputation aggregation and privacy preserving access control. Founded in 2021 in Paris. Raised $10M from Daedalus Angels, Entrée Capital, Fabric Ventures, IOSG Ventures, Kima Ventures
  5. HPC-AI (hpcaitech/colossalai, 35.8K stars, 520% AGR). HPC-AI Technology provides a cloud-based platform to enhance AI computations by increasing CPU and GPU processing speeds. Founded in 2021 in Singapore. Raised $28M from Sinovation, BlueRun, ZhenFund, Sequoia China
  6. Massa (massalabs/massa, 5.5K stars, 504% AGR). Massa is a decentralized and scaled blockchain platform. Founded in 2020 in Paris. Raised $5.8M from Acequia (AceCap), Mediaapps Innovation, BlueYard, Bpifrance, Numeus, Ariane, Dascof, ZBS, Aussie, Charlie Songhurst, Andurance, TRGC, TPC Club
  7. Windmill (windmill-labs/windmill, 7.7K stars, 502% AGR). Windmill builds internal apps and invincible workflows by using code only when it is needed. Founded in 2022 in Paris
  8. Resend (resend/react-email, 10.7K stars, 499% AGR). Resend is an email API for developers. Founded in 2023 in São Paulo. Raised $3.5M from Y Combinator, Lachy Groom, Dylan Field, Darian Shirazi, Lee Robinson, Guillermo Rauch, basecase, SVA, Anthony Sides, Elad Gil, Paul Copplestone
  9. Nebuly (nebuly-ai/nebuly, 8.3K stars, 485% AGR). User Analytics for LLMs. Founded in 2022 in Torino
  10. Qdrant (qdrant/qdrant, 15.2K stars, 437% AGR). Qdrant is an open-source vector search engine and database for next-generation AI applications. Founded in 2021 in Berlin. Raised $10.45M from 42CAP, IBB, Unusual, Mücke Roth & Company, Amr Awadallah, Spark
  11. (astral-sh/ruff, 21.7K stars, 429% AGR). Next gen python tooling – the company that built Ruff. Founded in 2023 in New York. Raised $4M from Accel, Caffeinated Capital, Guillermo Rauch, Solomon Hykes, David Cramer
  12. formbricks (formbricks/formbricks, 4.8K stars, 414% AGR). Formbricks is a micro-survey solution that is open source. Founded in 2022 in Kiel
  13. Infisical (infisical/infisical, 10.6K stars, 413% AGR). Infisical is an open-source, end-to-end encrypted solution that allows development teams to sync their environment variables. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco. Raised $2.8M from Y Combinator, Darian Shirazi, Elad Gil, James Hawkins, Siggi Simonarson, Erik Muttersbach, Andrew Miklas, Paul Copplestone, TwentyTwo VC, Viet Le, Gradient, Christoph Deckert
  14. Wasp (wasp-lang/wasp, 8.8K stars, 404% AGR). Wasp is a programming language for building full-stack web applications. Founded in 2020 in Zagreb. Raised $1.5M from Y Combinator, 468, Lunar, Acequia (AceCap), HV, Tokyo Black, Chris Schagen, Abstraction, Preetha Parthasarathy
  15. Krayin (krayin/laravel-crm, 4.4K stars, 397% AGR). Free & Open Source CRM solution for enhanced productivity and empower customer relationships. Founded in 2021 in Noida
  16. Shuttle (shuttle-hq/shuttle, 5.1K stars, 343% AGR). The fastest backend development experience ever. Founded in 2019 in London
  17. Snapshot Labs (snapshot-labs/snapshot, 5.3K stars, 340% AGR). Snapshot Labs is an off-chain gasless multi-governance tool for crypto projects to poll their user bases. Founded in 2021 in Phuket. Raised $4M from Coinbase, 1kx, Kleros, Fire Eyes DAO, Gnosis, StarkWare Industries, Boost VC, MetaCartel, The LAO, Scalar, LongHash
  18. Hanko (teamhanko/hanko, 4.9K stars, 333% AGR). Hanko builds open-source user authentication and passkey infrastructure for developers. Founded in 2018 in Kiel. Raised $2.8M from Jan Kaniess, Carl Zitscher, HTGF | High-Tech Gruenderfonds, Smart Infrastructure (‘SIVentures’), Roland Fassauer, SAP.iO, Seed- und Start-up-Fonds, adesso
  19. Manticore Search (manticoresoftware/manticoresearch, 7.5K stars, 325% AGR). Manticore Search is a provider of big data and stream filtering search technologies. Founded in 2017 in Gillingham
  20. Nango (nangohq/nango, 3.7K stars, 317% AGR). Nango provides pre-built OAuth flows and secure token management services. Founded in 2022 in Paris. Raised $2M from Y Combinator
  21. Turso (tursodatabase/libsql, 5.7K stars, 315% AGR). Turso is an open-source Edge database that brings the developer experience of SQLite closer to the users. Founded in 2021 in London. Raised $7M from Mango, First Star, Jamstack Innovation Fund, Essence VC, Blumberg, Norwest
  22. ZITADEL (zitadel/zitadel, 5.8K stars, 301% AGR). Zitadel provides a turnkey solution that allows developers to get started easily with a secure login. Founded in 2019 in Sankt Gallen. Raised $2.5M from Nexus
  23. Nextcloud (nextcloud/all-in-one, 3.2K stars, 299% AGR). Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services. Founded in 2016 in Stuttgart
  24. Lago (getlago/lago, 4.9K stars, 297% AGR). Open Source Billing API for Product-Led SaaS. Founded in 2021 in Paris. Raised $0.13M from Y Combinator, Philippe Teixeira da Mota, Julien Codorniou, SignalFire, Romain Huet, New Wave (VC), Meghan Gill, Script, Clément Delangue, FirstMark
  25. Dub (dubinc/dub, 13.8K stars, 291% AGR). is the open-source link management infrastructure. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco
  26. Mage (mage-ai/mage-ai, 6.2K stars, 287% AGR). Mage develops an open-source data pipeline tool for transforming and integrating data. Founded in 2020 in Santa Clara. Raised $11.8M from Designer Fund, Gradient, Alumni, Lenny Rachitsky, John Riccitiello, Scott Belsky, Neo, James Beshara, Gaingels, Mana, Trajectory
  27. Weaviate (weaviate/weaviate, 8.5K stars, 280% AGR). Weaviate develops a hybrid SaaS platform to build search and recommendation systems. Founded in 2019 in Amsterdam. Raised $67.7M from ING, Zetta, Cortical, New Enterprise Associates, Alex van Leeuwen, SAV (Scale Asia ), GTMfund, Battery, Index
  28. Atuin (atuinsh/atuin, 12.5K stars, 274% AGR). Atuin supercharges your productivity by enabling you to rapidly retrieve any command you’ve ran, at any time, from anywhere. Founded in 2021 in London
  29. Refine (refinedev/refine, 17.5K stars, 272% AGR). Refine is a react-based web application development platform that offers a wide range of software services. Founded in 2022 in Istanbul. Raised $1M from 500 Emerging Europe, Emre Baran, Burak Emre Kabakçı
  30. Htmlstream (htmlstreamofficial/preline, 3K stars, 271% AGR). Forever Free, Open Source, Easy to Use & Premium Bootstrap Themes, Templates, UI Kits, Snippets and more. Founded in 2018 in London
  31. Voxel51 (voxel51/fiftyone, 6.2K stars, 265% AGR). Dataset experimentation tooling that transforms the ways CV/ML scientists evaluate their data. Founded in 2018 in Ann Arbor. Raised $15.75M from NIST, eLab, Tech Startup Stabilization Fund, Drive, Top Harvest, Shasta
  32. Typebot (baptistearno/, 4.2K stars, 259% AGR). Typebot gives you powerful blocks to create unique chat experiences. Embed them anywhere on your web/mobile apps and start collecting results like magic. Founded in 2020 in Paris
  33. Tldraw (tldraw/tldraw, 29.4K stars, 257% AGR). Tldraw is a drawing app that provides users with a collaborative canvas without any login. Founded in 2022 in London. Raised $4.7M from Adam Wiggins, Liu Jiang, Brian Schultz, David Khourshid, Guillermo Rauch, Shin Kim, David Chase, Brian Lovin, NP-Hard, Badrul Farooqi, Johannes Schickling, Lux, Jeff Weinstein, Cristóbal Valenzuela Barrera, Tom Preston-Werner, Soleio ​Cuervo, Amplify, Michael Stoppelman
  34. Upscayl (upscayl/upscayl, 20.8K stars, 253% AGR). Upscayl – Free and Open Source AI Image Upscaler for Linux, MacOS and Windows built with Linux-First philosophy. Founded in 2023
  35. Graphite (graphiteeditor/graphite, 5K stars, 245% AGR). Graphite is a community-built, open source software project that is free to use for any purpose. Founded in 2021 in Los Gatos
  36. Linen (linen-dev/, 2.7K stars, 243% AGR). Google-Searchable and community focused Slack alternative. Founded in 2020 in New York. Raised $0.13M from Y Combinator, Lombardstreet
  37. IceWhale Technology (icewhaletech/casaos, 19.1K stars, 242% AGR). IceWhale Technology is a computer hardware manufacturing company that develops single board server. Founded in 2021 in Shanghai. Raised $3.7M from MiraclePlus, iStart, Cloud YDZ HongKong Limited, Yunshi
  38. DioxusLabs (dioxuslabs/dioxus, 15.2K stars, 240% AGR).An open source project focused to improving Rust UI. Founded in 2021 in San Francisco
  39. Tamagui (tamagui/tamagui, 8.8K stars, 239% AGR). Style React fast with 100% parity on React Native, an optional UI kit, and optimizing compiler. Founded in 2021 in San Francisco
  40. Bluesky (bluesky-social/atproto, 5.2K stars, 229% AGR). Bluesky is a new social media platform. Founded in 2021 in Seattle. Raised $21M from Jack Dorsey, Amjad Masad, Abdul Ly, Heather Meeker, Joseph Beda, Automattic, Neo, Bob Young, Kris Nóva, Jeremy Johnson, Stav Erez, Sarah Drasner, Katelyn Donnelly, Amir Shevat, Ali Evans, Brad Fitzpatrick, Protocol Labs
  41. Tiny Corp (tinygrad/tinygrad, 21.7K stars, 228% AGR). Tiny Corp is a computer software company that produces computers in order to commoditize the petaflop. Founded in 2022 in San Diego. Raised $5.1M
  42. Keploy (keploy/keploy, 2.7K stars, 227% AGR). Open-source API Testing Platform. Auto-Generate API Tests with mocks cases from API calls. Founded in 2020 in New Delhi
  43. Liveblocks (liveblocks/liveblocks, 2.7K stars, 226% AGR). Build amazing real-time collaborative products in minutes. Founded in 2021 in Paris. Raised $6.4M from Seedcamp, boldstart, David Mytton, Banana, Atlassian, Kima
  44. SimpleX Chat (simplex-chat/simplex-chat, 4.7K stars, 225% AGR). The only messaging platform without any user IDs. Founded in 2021 in London. Raised $0.37M from Village Global
  45. (robusta-dev/robusta, 2.3K stars, 224% AGR). makes thousands of Developers and DevOps teams more efficient, with a self-service platform for common DevOps tasks. Founded in 2021 in Tel Aviv
  46. Neural Magic (neuralmagic/deepsparse, 2.7K stars, 223% AGR). Neural Magic is stealth stage machine learning company, based in Somerville MA. Founded in 2017 in Somerville. Raised $50M from Amdocs, Andreessen Horowitz, Comcast, New Enterprise Associates, Pillar VC, Pillar, Ridgeline
  47. PostgresML (postgresml/postgresml, 4.9K stars, 223% AGR). PostgresML is an interactive AI-powered application. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco. Raised $4.7M from Rafael Corrales, Brandon Leonardo, Greg Rosen, Amplify, Jack Altman, Max Mullen, James Yu, Jeremy Stanley
  48. TigerBeetle (tigerbeetle/tigerbeetle, 3.5K stars, 221% AGR). The distributed financial transactions database designed for mission-critical safety and performance. Founded in 2022 in Cape Town. Raised $6.4M from Derek Collison, Amod Malviya, James Cowling, Ameet Patel, Desigan Chinniah, Amplify, Dominik Tornow, Deepti Srivastava, Andrew Kelley, Coil, Chris Riccomini, Loris Cro
  49. Invoke AI (invoke-ai/invokeai, 20.1K stars, 221% AGR). InvokeAI is a tool that generates and creates visual media using AI technologies. Founded in 2023 in Atlanta. Raised $3.75M from Storm, SignalFire, Universe Software
  50. Sealos (labring/laf, 6.2K stars, 217% AGR). A cloud operating system based on the Kubernetes kernel. Founded in 2022 in Hangzhou

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