The fastest-growing open-source startups in Q1 2022

Snapshot of ROSS Index featuring top open-source startups by Github stars growth of their repositories. All descriptions below are based on public data and were up-to-date at the end of Q1 2022.
  1. Builder (builderio/partytown, 6.8K stars, 3104% AGR). Low-code platform for building frontend (headless CMS). Founded in 2018 in San Francisco and raised $17.3M from Greylock, Finn Capital Partners, Imaginary Ventures.
  2. ToolJet (tooljet/tooljet, 8.9K stars, 1656% AGR). Low-code framework used to build and deploy custom internal tools. Founded in 2021 in Bengaluru and raised $1.6M from Nexus Venture Partners, Better Capital.
  3. Netmaker (gravitl/netmaker, 3.5K stars, 1422% AGR). Automated WireGuard networks for distributed systems and Kubernetes. Founded in 2021 in Asheville and raised from Y Combinator.
  4. SuperTokens (supertokens/supertokens-core, 5.3K stars, 1018% AGR). Open source alternative to Auth0 / AWS Cognito / Firebase Auth. Founded in 2019 in Mumbai and raised $1.5M from Y Combinator.
  5. Safing (safing/portmaster, 2.4K stars, 1016% AGR). Application for monitoring all your network activity. Founded in 2017 in Baden and has no known external funding.
  6. Medusa (medusajs/medusa, 9.8K stars, 863% AGR). The Open Source Shopify alternative. Founded in 2021 in Copenhagen and raised $1M from Seedcamp.
  7. Amplication (amplication/amplication, 6.3K stars, 812% AGR). Open Source Low-Code Application Development Platform. Founded in 2020 in Tel Aviv and raised $6.6M from Vertex Ventures Israel, Velocity Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners.
  8. Charm (charmbracelet/soft-serve, 1.8K stars, 729% AGR). CLI-centric cloud with end-to-end encryption. Founded in 2019 in New York and raised $3M from Cavalry Ventures, Fuel Capital, Betaworks Ventures.
  9. Fig (withfig/autocomplete, 14.3K stars, 716% AGR). Autocomplete for terminal. Founded in 2020 in San Francisco and raised $2.4M from General Catalyst, SV Angel, Y Combinator.
  10. GrowthBook (growthbook/growthbook, 2.8K stars, 503% AGR). Open source feature flagging and A/B testing. Founded in 2020 in Palo Alto and raised from Y Combinator, Nexus Venture Partners.
  11. Slint (slint-ui/slint, 4.1K stars, 470% AGR). It is a toolkit to efficiently develop fluid graphical user interfaces for any display. Founded in 2020 in Berlin and has no known external funding.
  12. Nhost (nhost/nhost, 2.1K stars, 453% AGR). Full-fledged serverless backend for web and mobile applications. Founded in 2019 in Stockholm and raised $3.1M from Antler, Nauta Capital.
  13. MindsDB (mindsdb/mindsdb, 6.4K stars, 437% AGR). Open Source In-SQL Machine Learning. Founded in 2017 in Berkeley and raised $7.8M from Speedinvest, OSS Capital, OpenOcean.
  14. Penpot (penpot/penpot, 9.8K stars, 432% AGR). Design and prototyping platform meant for cross-domain teams. Founded in 2019 in Madrid and has no known external funding.
  15. Remix (remix-run/remix, 14.9K stars, 391% AGR). Modern web framework and toolset for React.js. Founded in 2020 in Salt Lake City and raised $3M from OSS Capital, etc.
  16. Orchest (orchest/orchest, 2.5K stars, 385% AGR). Low-code platform for data pipelines. Founded in 2020 in Rotterdam and raised $4.2M from Gradient Ventures, Basis Set Ventures, Seedcamp, etc.
  17. Coqui (coqui-ai/tts, 4.4K stars, 381% AGR). Speech-to-text and text-to-speech based on deep learning. Founded in 2020 in Berlin and has no known external funding.
  18. Mattermost (mattermost/focalboard, 10.5K stars, 379% AGR). Collaboration platform (alternative to Slack). Founded in 2015 in Palo Alto and raised $70M from S28, YC, Redpoint, Battery Ventures.
  19. Zinc (prabhatsharma/zinc, 6.7K stars, 376% AGR). A lightweight alternative to ElasticSearch. Founded in 2021 in San Francisco and has no known external funding.
  20. Serverless Stack (serverless-stack/serverless-stack, 5.8K stars, 351% AGR). Developer of SST framework for serverless apps. Founded in 2017 in San Francisco and raised $1M from Greylock, SV Angel, YC.


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