The fastest-growing open-source startups in Q1 2023

Snapshot of ROSS Index featuring top open-source startups by Github stars growth of their repositories. All descriptions below are based on public data and were up-to-date at the end of Q1 2023
  1. Pynecone (pynecone-io/pynecone, 7.8K stars, 100444% AGR). Web apps in pure Python. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco and raised $0.5M from Y Combinator
  2. Sismo (sismo-core/sismo-protocol, 16.1K stars, 92698% AGR). ZK badges for reputation aggregation and privacy preserving access control. Founded in 2021 in Paris
  3. APITable (apitable/apitable, 8.1K stars, 54034% AGR). API-first, embed-friendly no-code database. Founded in 2022 in Toronto
  4. Nebuly AI (nebuly-ai/nebullvm, 7.4K stars, 32866% AGR). Making AI optimization part of every developer’s toolkit. Founded in 2021 in Turin
  5. HPC-AI Tech (hpcaitech/colossalai, 25.3K stars, 17443% AGR). A cloud-based platform to enhance AI computations by increasing CPU and GPU processing speeds. Founded in 2021 in Singapore and raised $6M from Sinovation Ventures, ZhenFund, BlueRun Ventures
  6. Massa Labs (massalabs/massa, 2.9K stars, 3779% AGR). Decentralized and scaled blockchain platform. Founded in 2020 in Paris and raised $5.8M from BlueYard, Acecap, Numeus, Ariane Capital
  7. Nango (nangohq/nango, 2.4K stars, 1585% AGR). The open source that makes 3rd party APIs easy. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco and raised $0.5M from Y Combinator
  8. Infisical (infisical/infisical, 5.2K stars, 1474% AGR). End-to-end encrypted secrets manager. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco and raised $0.5M from Y Combinator
  9. Lago (getlago/lago, 2.9K stars, 761% AGR). Open-source metering and usage-based billing. Founded in 2021 in Paris and raised $0.13M from Y Combinator
  10. Atri Labs (atri-labs/atrilabs-engine, 4K stars, 581% AGR). Open-source web framework for Python developers. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco and raised $0.5M from Y Combinator
  11. CloudQuery (cloudquery/cloudquery, 4.3K stars, 557% AGR). High performance data integration platform built for developers. Founded in 2021 in Tel Aviv and raised $18.5M from Tiger Global, Haystack, boldstart ventures, Mango Capital
  12. moonrepo (moonrepo/moon, 1.8K stars, 463% AGR). A task runner and repo management tool for the web ecosystem. Founded in 2022 in Portland and raised $0.5M from Y Combinator
  13. Mage (mage-ai/mage-ai, 3.7K stars, 446% AGR). Modern replacement for Airflow. Founded in 2020 in San Francisco and raised $11.8M from Gradient Ventures, Designer Fund, Neo
  14. Qdrant (qdrant/qdrant, 5.4K stars, 446% AGR). Open-source vector similarity search engine. Founded in 2021 in Berlin and raised $2.3M from 42CAP, IBB Ventures
  15. Zitadel (zitadel/zitadel, 3K stars, 442% AGR). A provider of an identity management platform. Founded in 2019 in St. Gallen and raised $2.5M from Nexus Venture Partners
  16. Snapshot Labs (snapshot-labs/snapshot, 2.4K stars, 394% AGR). Decentralized organization (DAO) governance solution provider. Founded in 2021 and raised $4M from Coinbase Ventures, Boost VC, LongHash Ventures, 1kx
  17. NextCloud (nextcloud/all-in-one, 1.6K stars, 353% AGR). Suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services. Founded in 2016 in Stuttgart
  18. Serverpod (serverpod/serverpod, 1.5K stars, 350% AGR). Scalable app server, written in Dart for the Flutter community. Founded in 2021 in Stockholm
  19. Robusta Dev (robusta-dev/robusta, 1.5K stars, 304% AGR). Platform for multi-cluster Kubernetes troubleshooting and automation. Founded in 2021 in Tel Aviv
  20. ILLA Cloud (illacloud/illa-builder, 6.1K stars, 293% AGR). Low-code development platform for developers. Founded in 2021 in Beijing and raised from GL Ventures, Source Code Capital, Hillhouse Capital Group, MiraclePlus


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