Top trending open-source startups in Q1 2024

Snapshot of ROSS Index featuring top open-source startups by GitHub stars growth of their repositories. All descriptions are based on public data and were current as of the end of Q1 2024
  1. (builderio/gpt-crawler, 16.7K stars, 16.7x growth). AI-powered platform to quickly transform designs into optimized web and mobile experiences. Founded in 2019 in San Francisco. Raised $17.25M from Greylock, Sugar Capital and Mango Capital.
  2. MyShell (myshell-ai/openvoice, 16.3K stars, 16.3x growth). Decentralized platform for discovering, creating, and staking AI-native apps. Founded in 2023 in San Francisco. Raised $16.6M from Dragonfly, Robot Ventures, Maven 11 Capital and Nascent.
  3. Jan (janhq/jan, 14.2K stars, 14.2x growth). Cross-platform solution to run AI model locally. Founded in 2023 in Singapore.
  4. LobeHub (lobehub/lobe-chat, 14.6K stars, 13.8x growth). AI-based engineer assistant to boost productivity in various workflows. Founded in 2023 in Hangzhou.
  5. CrewAI (joaomdmoura/crewai, 10.8K stars, 10.8x growth). Platform for creating and managing AI Agents for enterprises. Founded in 2023 in São Paulo.
  6. Orkes (conductor-oss/conductor, 7.1K stars, 7.0x growth). Microservices and workflow orchestration platform. Founded in 2021 in Cupertino. Raised $29.3M from Battery Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners and Vertex Ventures.
  7. Hyper Write (othersideai/self-operating-computer, 6.5K stars, 6.5x growth). AI personal assistant for writing and research. Founded in 2020 in New York. Raised $5.4M from Madrona, Active Capital and Hustle Fund.
  8. LlamaIndex (run-llama/rags, 5.5K stars, 5.5x growth). Flexible data framework for connecting custom data sources to large language models. Founded in 2023 in San Francisco. Raised $8.5M from Greylock and various business angels.
  9. Taipy (avaiga/taipy, 5.5K stars, 5.5x growth). A platform for building Python-based data and AI web applications. Founded in 2020 in Orsay, France.
  10. LangChain (langchain-ai/opengpts, 5.5K stars, 5.5x growth). Framework for buildign and managing LLM-based application workflows Founded in 2022 in San Francisco. Raised $35M from Benchmark and Sequoia Capital.
  11. Bruno (usebruno/bruno, 10.4K stars, 5.3x growth). Re-Inventing the API Client. Founded in 2021 in Bangalore.
  12. Pydantic (pydantic/fastui, 4.5K stars, 4.5x growth). Open source data-validation framework. Founded in 2022 in London. Raised $4.7M from Bryan Helmig, David Cramer, Irregular Expressions, Partech, Sequoia Capital and Tristan Handy.
  13. SuperDuperDB (superduperdb/superduperdb, 4.2K stars, 4.2x growth). Bring AI to your Database. Founded in 2023 in Berlin.
  14. Pythagora (pythagora-io/gpt-pilot, 18.8K stars, 4.1x growth). Build apps from scratch in natural language. Founded in 2023 in Zagreb. Raised $0.5M from YCombinator.
  15. LibreChat (danny-avila/librechat, 7.5K stars, 3.8x growth). An open source AI chat platform. Founded in 2023 in New York.
  16. Unsloth AI (unslothai/unsloth, 3.7K stars, 3.7x growth). Fine tune and train LLMs. Founded in 2023 in Sydney.
  17. CopilotKit (copilotkit/copilotkit, 3.6K stars, 3.6x growth). AI co-pilots for your product in hours, not months. Founded in 2023 in Seattle.
  18. Ollama (ollama/ollama, 28.9K stars, 3.6x growth). Get up and running with large language models, locally. Founded in 2023 in Toronto.
  19. Mintplex Labs (mintplex-labs/anything-llm, 8.8K stars, 3.2x growth). Software for businesses to use AI with the controls required by businesses. Founded in 2022 in Irvine.
  20. Gitroom (gitroomhq/gitroom, 2.9K stars, 2.9x growth). Grow your open-source repository. Founded in 2023 in Tel-Aviv.


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