The fastest-growing open-source startups in Q2 2020

Snapshot of ROSS Index featuring top open-source startups by Github stars growth of their repositories. All descriptions below are based on public data and were up-to-date at the end of Q2 2020.
  1. Prisma (prisma/prisma, 3.9K stars, 694% AGR). Database tools for TypeScript and Node.js. Founded in 2016 in Berlin and raised $16.5M from Kleiner Perkins, Mango Capital, Amplify Partners, etc.
  2. Meili (meilisearch/meilisearch, 6.1K stars, 634% AGR). API-focused fast search engine (an alternative to ElasticSearch). Founded in 2018 in Paris and has no known external funding to date.
  3. Cortex Labs (cortexlabs/cortex, 5.4K stars, 328% AGR). API platform for deployment of ML models (an open-source rival to AWS SageMaker). Founded in 2018 in Oakland, CA and has no known external funding.
  4. Framer (framer/motion, 5.6K stars, 182% AGR). Browser-based design tools for teams trending with its open-sourced library Motion. Founded in 2013 in Amsterdam and raised $33M by from Atomico, Accel, Foundation Capital, etc.
  5. Streamlit (streamlit/streamlit, 9.4K stars, 178% AGR). Framework for fast development of frontend data apps, increasing the productivity of data science and machine learning teams. Founded in 2018 in San Francisco and raised $27M from GGV Ventures, Gradient Ventures, Bloomberg Beta.
  6. Hugging Face (huggingface/transformers, 29.7K stars, 127% AGR). Developer of the natural language processing library Transformers and a popular AI-based chatbot for teenagers. Founded in 2016 in Paris and raised $20.2M from Lux Capital, SV Angel, A.Capital, etc.
  7. Pulumi (pulumi/pulumi, 5.9K stars, 117% AGR). Platform for cloud app development and deployment. Founded in 2017 in Seattle and raised $20M from Madrona Venture Group and Tola Capital
  8. ThingsBoard (thingsboard/thingsboard, 6.4K stars, 113% AGR). IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualisation and device management (an open-source alternative to IoT @ AWS/Azure/GCP). Founded in 2016 in Kyiv and has no known external funding.
  9. Genymobile (genymobile/scrcpy, 32.7K stars, 106% AGR). Solutions for development and testing of Android apps. Founded in 2011 in Paris and raised $9.7M from Alven and BPI France.
  10. Timber (timberio/vector, 4.3K stars, 96% AGR). Developer-focused cloud logging system. Founded in 2016 in New York and raised $5.8M from NextView Ventures, Notation Capital, etc
  11. N8N (n8n-io/n8n, 8.1K stars, 93% AGR). Workflow automation tool (an open-source alternative to Zapier). Founded in 2019 in Berlin and raised $1.5M from Sequoia, Firstminute Capital, Runa Capital.
  12. Saleor (mirumee/saleor, 8.2K stars, 92% AGR). Headless e-commerce platform. Founded in 2019 in Wroclaw, Poland and has no known external funding
  13. Strapi (strapi/strapi, 26.7K stars, 88% AGR). Headless content management system. Founded in 2016 in Paris and raised $14M from Index Ventures, Accel, Stride.VC, etc.
  14. Brave (brave/brave-browser, 6.5K stars, 87% AGR). Next-generation secure and private browser. Founded in 2015 in San Francisco and raised $42M from Founders Fund, Foundation Capital, etc
  15. Resemble (corentinj/real-time-voice-cloning, 18.2K stars, 80% AGR). AI engine for realistic voice cloning. Founded in 2018 in Toronto and raised $2M from GMG Ventures, Firstminute Capital, Canaan Partners, etc
  16. Volosoft (abpframework/abp, 3.9K stars, 79% AGR). Software development tools trending with its open-source framework ABP for Founded in 2016 in Istanbul and has no known external funding.
  17. Riot IM (vector-im/riot-web, 5.1K stars, 71% AGR). Decentralised secure communication tools (ex Vector IM). Founded in 2017 in London and raised $18.1M from Dawn Capital, Firstminute Capital, Notion, etc
  18. Iterative (iterative/dvc, 5.4K stars, 61% AGR). Version control system for datasets and machine learning models. Founded in 2018 in San Francisco and raised $3.9M from Afore Capital, True Ventures, etc.
  19. Chatwoot (chatwoot/chatwoot, 4.2K stars, 58% AGR). Live chats for customer support (an open-source alternative to Intercom). Founded in 2017 in Bengaluru, India and has no known external funding.
  20. Rasa (rasahq/rasa, 9.0K stars, 58% AGR). Conversational AI assistant. Founded in 2016 in Berlin and raised $40.1M from Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, Mango Capital, etc


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