The fastest-growing open-source startups in Q2 2023

Snapshot of ROSS Index featuring top open-source startups by Github stars growth of their repositories. All descriptions below are based on public data and were up-to-date at the end of Q2 2023
  1. Langchain (hwchase17/langchainjs, 6.7K stars, 40068% AGR). LangChain is a large language model application development library. Founded in 2019 in Singapore and raised $10M from Benchmark
  2. FIT2CLOUD (1panel-dev/1panel, 7.2K stars, 22718% AGR). 1Panel is a new generation of Linux server operation and maintenance management panel. Founded in 2014 in Beijing and raised $26M from Legend Capital, Vision Knight Capital, GF Qianhe Investment, Redpoint Ventures China, Wangsu Science & Technology
  3. Nomic AI (nomic-ai/gpt4all, 48K stars, 10922% AGR). A free-to-use, locally running, privacy-aware chatbot. No GPU or internet required. Founded in 2021 in New York and raised $17M from Coatue
  4. Lightning AI (lightning-ai/lit-llama, 4.7K stars, 8100% AGR). Implementation of the LLaMA language model based on nanoGPT. Supports flash attention, Int8 and GPTQ 4bit quantization, LoRA and LLaMA-Adapter fine-tuning, pre-training. Apache 2.0-licensed. Founded in 2019 in New York and raised $58.6M from Bain Capital Ventures, Coatue, Firstminute Capital, Index Ventures, MANTIS Venture Capital, SVA
  5. Roboflow (roboflow/notebooks, 2.5K stars, 3761% AGR). Roboflow’s developer tools enable teams to build computer vision models faster and more accurately.We replace ad-hoc code with production infrastructure, enable versioned datasets to be used in any framework, eliminate common errors that reduce model performance. Founded in 2019 in Des Moines and raised $22.24M from Aston Motes, Calvin French-Owen, Cassidy Williams, Craft Ventures, DJ Patil, Elizabeth Caven, Greg Brockman, Harry Hurst, Jack Altman, James Tamplin, Joe Morrissey, Kevin Liu, Lachy Groom, Leore Avidar, Max Altman, Mike Maples Jr, Next Level Ventures, Quiet Capital, Sam Altman, Y Combinator
  6. Windmill (windmill-labs/windmill, 5.2K stars, 3511% AGR). Developer platform to build production-grade multi-step automation and internal apps. Founded in 2021 in Paris and raised $0.5M from Y Combinator
  7. Bloop (bloopai/bloop, 7K stars, 2065% AGR). is an extension for a code editor that surfaces code examples from each library’s official documentation. Founded in 2021 in London and raised $0.13M from Matilde Giglio, Y Combinator
  8. Qdrant (qdrant/qdrant, 11.3K stars, 1967% AGR). Open-source vector similarity search engine. Founded in 2021 in Berlin and raised $2.3M from 42CAP, IBB Ventures
  9. Terramate (terramate-io/terramate, 2.5K stars, 1332% AGR). Terramate adds powerful capabilities such as code generation, stacks, orchestration, change detection, data sharing and more to Terraform. Founded in 2021 in Berlin
  10. Affine (toeverything/blocksuite, 2.1K stars, 1218% AGR). AFFiNE is a next-gen knowledge base that brings planning, sorting and creating all together. Privacy first, open-source, customizable and ready to use – a free replacement for Notion & Miro. Founded in 2020 in Singapore and raised from Huachuang Zhiye Capital, Red Dot Ventures, Sinovation Ventures
  11. Linen (linen-dev/, 2.6K stars, 1196% AGR). Lightweight Google-searchable Slack alternative for Communities. Founded in 2020 in New York and raised $0.125M from Lombardstreet Ventures, Y Combinator
  12. LlamaIndex (jerryjliu/llama_index, 18.1K stars, 1014% AGR). LlamaIndex (formerly GPT Index) is a data framework for LLM applications to ingest, structure, and access private or domain-specific data. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco and raised $8.5M from Greylock, Joey Gonzalez, Lenny Rachitsky, Mathilde Collin, Raquel Urtasun, Bob van Luijt, Jack Altman
  13. Highlight (highlight/highlight, 4.5K stars, 1004% AGR). Highlight develops a platform for debugging apps and gives full transparency into the errors, interactions, and performance metrics. They believe that by giving people the best tools to solve customer and engineering issues, they can spend more time building their business, and less time searching through logs, manually trying to reproduce errors, and investing too early in their support processes. Founded in 2020 in San Francisco and raised $0.5M from Afore Capital, Nick Candito, Y Combinator
  14. Enterprise Alliance AI (connectai-e/feishu-openai, 4.6K stars, 999% AGR). The enterprise-level low-code AI platform, based on collaboration tools such as Feishu, empowers every employee in the enterprise. Independently manage AI assets, and worry-free access to massive industry scenario applications. Founded in 2023
  15. Omnivore (omnivore-app/omnivore, 2.3K stars, 879% AGR). Omnivore is a complete, open source read-it-later solution for people who like reading. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco
  16. Evidence (evidence-dev/evidence, 1.9K stars, 823% AGR). Evidence develops an open-source code-based business intelligence tool. It enables analysts to build reports and dashboards by using a markup language instead of a drag and drop interface. Founded in 2021 in Toronto and raised $0.125M from Y Combinator
  17. Ultralytics (ultralytics/ultralytics, 9.7K stars, 824% AGR). Low-code computer vision platform. Founded in 2014 in Los Angeles
  18. Civit (civitai/civitai, 4.1K stars, 811% AGR). Civitai is a community platform dedicated to fine-tuning open-source AI models like Stable Diffusion. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, United States, Civitai was founded in 2023. Founded in 2013 in Boise and raised $5.1M
  19. Bluesky (bluesky-social/atproto, 4.4K stars, 757% AGR). Social networking technology created by Bluesky. Founded in 2022 in Washington
  20. SST (serverless-stack/open-next, 2.1K stars, 747% AGR). OpenNext takes the Next.js build output and converts it into a package that can be deployed to any functions as a service platform. Founded in 2017 in San Francisco and raised $1M from Greylock, SVA, Y Combinator


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