The fastest-growing open-source startups in Q3 2022

Snapshot of ROSS Index featuring top open-source startups by Github stars growth of their repositories. All descriptions below are based on public data and were up-to-date at the end of Q3 2022
  1. Builder (builderio/qwik, 10.5K stars, 3104% AGR). Low-code platform for building frontend (headless CMS). Founded in 2018 in San Francisco and raised $17.3M from Greylock, Finn Capital Partners, Imaginary Ventures
  2. Novu (novuhq/novu, 10.4K stars, 2363% AGR). Notification infrastructure for developers. Founded in 2021 in Tel Aviv and raised $6.6M from Crane Venture Partners, Eniac Ventures, MXV Capital, Entrée Capital, Ariel Maislos
  3. Ivy (unifyai/ivy, 6.5K stars, 2217% AGR). Unified Machine Learning Framework. Founded in 2021 in London and raised from YC, Abstraction, Essence, A Capital
  4. Turbot (turbot/steampipe, 3.6K stars, 2148% AGR). Cloud Governance Platform. Founded in 2014 in New York and has no known external funding
  5. Apify (apify/crawlee, 6.7K stars, 1425% AGR). Web scraping and automation platform. Founded in 2015 in Prague and raised $0.5M from YC, Reflex Capital, INCOMMING ventures
  6. Qovery (qovery/replibyte, 3.2K stars, 1404% AGR). Platform to deploy production-like environments in AWS accounts. Founded in 2019 in Paris and raised $4M from Crane Venture Partners, Speedinvest
  7. Deno (denoland/fresh, 9.1K stars, 1301% AGR). Secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript and a globally distributed JavaScript VM. Founded in 2019 in New York and raised $25.9M from Sequoia, Shasta Ventures, Four Rivers Group, Long Journey Ventures, Mozilla
  8. Flipper Devices (flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware, 3.3K stars, 1048% AGR). Devices for geeks and pentesters. Founded in 2020 in Moscow and raised $4.8M from crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign
  9. Penpot (penpot/penpot, 18.2K stars, 787% AGR). Design and prototyping platform. Founded in 2019 in Madrid and raised $8M from Athos Capital, Decibel Partners
  10. RustDesk (rustdesk/rustdesk-server, 2.2K stars, 683% AGR). Remote desktop software. Founded in 2020 in Singapore and raised from OSS Capital
  11. Astro (withastro/astro, 20.9K stars, 645% AGR). Modern web build tool that helps to build fast websites. Founded in 2019 in Oakland and raised $7M from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Haystack, Gradient Ventures, Uncorrelated Ventures
  12. IceWhale Technology (icewhaletech/casaos, 6.7K stars, 615% AGR). Open-source cloud computing hardware platform. Founded in 2020 in Shanghai and raised $0.4M from iStart Ventures
  13. SimpleX Chat (simplex-chat/simplex-chat, 1.7K stars, 612% AGR). Decentralized secure chat and applications platform. Founded in 2019 in London and has no known external funding
  14. Payload CMS (payloadcms/payload, 7.6K stars, 575% AGR). Headless CMS and application framework. Founded in 2018 in Grand Rapids and raised from YC
  15. FormKit (formkit/auto-animate, 5.8K stars, 547% AGR). Industry-leading form development. Founded in 2021 in Charlottesville and has no known external funding
  16. Lingo3D (lingo3d/lingo3d, 2.1K stars, 455% AGR). Web-first 3d creation platform. Founded in 2019 in Shanghai and has no known external funding
  17. Diffgram (diffgram/diffgram, 1.5K stars, 425% AGR). Training data platform for machine learning. Founded in 2018 in Santa Clara and raised $1.5M
  18. DragonflyDB (dragonflydb/dragonfly, 12.9K stars, 424% AGR). Modern replacement for Redis and Memcached. Founded in 2022 in Tel Aviv and has no known external funding
  19. Adap (adap/flower, 1.7K stars, 411% AGR). Collaborative AI. Founded in 2020 in Hamburg and raised from EIC Accelerator, InnoFounder Hamburg
  20. FedML (fedml-ai/fedml, 1.8K stars, 350% AGR). Foundational ecosystem design for ML. Founded in 2022 in Los Angeles and raised $2M from Plug and Play, GGV Capital, AC Ventures, MiraclePlus, SilverStone Investment


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