The fastest-growing open-source startups in Q4 2022

Snapshot of ROSS Index featuring top open-source startups by Github stars growth of their repositories. All descriptions below are based on public data and were up-to-date at the end of Q4 2022
  1. (mobile-dev-inc/maestro, 2.9K stars, 1921% AGR). Shift-left platform for mobile development. Founded in 2020 in San Francisco and raised $3M from Cowboy Ventures, Forum Ventures, Moving Capital
  2. refine (refinedev/refine, 6.6K stars, 1887% AGR). React-based web application development platform. Founded in 2022 in Istanbul and raised $1M from 500 Istanbul
  3. Kubeshark (kubeshark/kubeshark, 7.8K stars, 1417% AGR). API Traffic Viewer for Kubernetes. Founded in 2022 in San Francisco and raised from Alon Girmonsky
  4. Hop (hop-protocol/hop, 2K stars, 768% AGR). An application that offers rollups, tokens, rewards conversion, and send-and-receive rewards solutions. Founded in 2019 in Los Angeles and raised $1.1M from 1confirmation, Coinbase Ventures, Infinite Capital
  5. Mage (mage-ai/mage-ai, 2.4K stars, 526% AGR). Modern replacement for Airflow. Founded in 2020 in San Francisco and raised $6.3M from Gradient Ventures, Designer Fund, Neo
  6. Novu (novuhq/novu, 16.1K stars, 518% AGR). Notification infrastructure for developers. Founded in 2021 in Tel Aviv and raised $6.6M from Crane Venture Partners, Eniac Ventures, MXV Capital, Entrée Capital, Ariel Maislos
  7. Coroot (coroot/coroot, 2K stars, 456% AGR). Zero-instrumentation observability tool. Founded in 2021 in Antalya
  8. Safing (safing/portmaster, 6K stars, 381% AGR). Application for monitoring all your network activity. Founded in 2017 in Baden
  9. Flipper Devices (flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware, 4.8K stars, 376% AGR). Devices for geeks and pentesters. Founded in 2020 in Moscow and raised $4.8M from crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign
  10. HPC-AI Tech (hpcaitech/colossalai, 7.1K stars, 302% AGR). A cloud-based platform to enhance AI computations by increasing CPU and GPU processing speeds. Founded in 2021 in Singapore and raised $6M from Sinovation Ventures, ZhenFund, BlueRun Ventures
  11. TigerBeetle (tigerbeetledb/tigerbeetle, 1.6K stars, 294% AGR). Distributed financial accounting database. Founded in 2020 in Cape Town and raised $6.4M from Amplify Partners, Coil
  12. Builder (builderio/qwik, 14.1K stars, 259% AGR). Low-code platform for building frontend (headless CMS). Founded in 2018 in San Francisco and raised $17.3M from Greylock, Finn Capital Partners, Imaginary Ventures
  13. RustDesk (rustdesk/rustdesk-server, 3K stars, 244% AGR). Remote desktop software. Founded in 2020 in Singapore and raised from OSS Capital
  14. (triggerdotdev/jsonhero-web, 7.2K stars, 238% AGR). Automation of complex worflows with code. Founded in 2022 in London and raised from Y Combinator
  15. Lightdash (lightdash/lightdash, 2K stars, 233% AGR). The open source Looker alternative. Founded in 2020 in London and raised $10.8M from Accel, Y Combinator, Moonfire Ventures
  16. Qdrant (qdrant/qdrant, 3.5K stars, 229% AGR). Open-source vector similarity search engine. Founded in 2021 in Berlin and raised $2.3M from 42CAP, IBB Ventures
  17. MetalBear (metalbear-co/mirrord, 2.1K stars, 212% AGR). Tools developers tools for the modern backend engineer. Founded in 2022 in Tel Aviv and raised $1M from TQ Ventures
  18. ReadySet (readysettech/readyset, 1.7K stars, 206% AGR). Blazingly fast SQL caching engine for databases. Founded in 2020 in Los Angeles and raised $28.9M from Index Ventures, Amplify Partners
  19. Warp (warpdotdev/warp, 10.3K stars, 189% AGR). Developer of a Rust-based coding terminal. Founded in 2020 in New York and raised $23M from Dylan Field, GV, BoxGroup, Neo
  20. Zitadel (zitadel/zitadel, 2K stars, 183% AGR). A provider of an identity management platform. Founded in 2019 in St. Gallen and raised $2.5M from Nexus Venture Partners


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