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Fair code” workflow automation platform that helps developers to quickly integrate any of the apps that they use to work together automatically — from standard third-party APIs to internal tools created by developers themselves.



Founded by Jan Oberhauser
$1.5M Seed round led by Sequoia and firstminute Capital, with the participation of Runa Capital, Tiny VC and System.One

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26 Nov 2020

We just released [email protected] with new nodes for @airtable Trigger, @HumanticAI , @lingvanex, @openthesaurus, @ProfitWell, @QuickBase, @_spontit_, and @Google Cloud Natural Language, @Firebase Realtime Database, and Firebase Cloud Firestore 🚀

17 Nov 2020

We talked to @hughdurkin, Director, Product Development at @HubSpot, about how he uses @n8n_io to increase his productivity by automating tasks like aggregating data for filing his tax returns. Learn how to reclaim your time by automating your life 🚀…

16 Nov 2020

Spreadsheets for everything 💪 People use #GoogleSheets to track metrics, store records, and even as a database. Learn how @hi_isabel95 uses n8n with Google Sheets, @telegram, @twilio, and @MindeeAPI to automate the process of managing her expenses.…


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