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The company develops quantum sensors based on NV (nitrogen-vacancy) centers in diamond. Such sensors stand out for their ability to measure magnetic fields with unprecedented precision, at an atomic scale. Applications of NV sensing include microscopes to analyze magnetic fields at an atomic scale, magnetoencephalography, magnetocardiography, metrological solutions for wafer inspection (semiconductors, spintronics, MRAM) and the emerging quantum industry.


Founded by Patrick Maletinsky and Mathieu Munsch
Seed round of CHF 2.2M led by Quantonation and co-invested by HTGF, Verve Ventures, Zürcher Kantonal Bank
Series A of 4M CHF led by Runa Capital and SIT Capital and co-invested by Quantonation, HTGF, Verve Ventures, Zürcher Kantonal Bank

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