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Conversational marketing tool running on top of the Facebook messenger platform. It automates conversations to engage and convert customers online via an AI-driven algorithm.

The platform is used by companies like eBay, Ford, Groupon, Renault, KLM, and others.


Founded by Jendrik and Max
$1.5M Seed round from North Base Media, Next Media Accelerator, BDMI, and several Angel-investors
$3M Series A led by Runa Capital

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30 Sep 2020

Facebook moves closer to a unified infrastructure for their messaging apps. It paves the way for new ways to connect. With people. And brands. 75% of consumers now prefer to engage with brands using private messaging channels vs traditional channels.…

29 Sep 2020

Conversations are how humans on the internet connect with each other. Unfortunately, that's not how most #marketing on the internet connects with humans... But it should be. What if marketing could talk WITH people? Not AT them. Watch now to find out #conversationalmarketing

24 Sep 2020

Thank you FeaturedCustomers for highlighting Spectrm as a Rising Star in the Fall 2020 Conversational Marketing Report: . Excited to be recognized for our disruptive technology and vision of where the market is going #conversationalmarketing #chatbots #ai


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  • May 2020

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