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Sourcery is an AI code assistant that helps in writing better code faster. Sourcery runs in the background and suggests real-time improvements. From simplifying conditionals to extracting out methods, Sourcery helps to write clean, well-structured code.


Founded by Brendan Maginnis, Nicholas Thapen, Timothy Gilboy
$120K Pre Seed round led by Techstars
$1.75M Seed Round led by Forward Partners and co-invested by Runa Capital, Acequia Capital, Techstars, Angel Invest, CapitalX

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07 Jun 2022

Today we're opening things up so anyone using Sourcery can start creating their own rules. Here's a quick walkthrough from @brendan_m6s showing how to set up and use a few custom rules -… #python #pythonprogramming #engineeringmanagement

25 May 2022

Ben & Reka's talk from #PyConUS2022 is up! Learn the benefits and pitfalls of code quality metrics when working in Python… #Python #pythonprogramming #codequality

04 May 2022

We're a bit late posting this (turns out we're not great at the whole Twitter thing) but PyCon was a blast! From Reka & Ben's talk on Code Quality Metrics, meeting incredible people, throwing frisbees in the expo hall, to learning more about Python it was awesome! #PyConUS2022

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