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Uploadcare is a bi-directional CDN and file-management solution that handles file uploading, storage, content delivery and processing for any website or app by a single API. Customers include Mozilla, L’Oreal, and many others.


Founded by Igor, Dmitry, Anatoly, and Alex
$500K funding round from LVL1 Group
$1.7M Seed Round led by Runa Capital and Vendep Capital

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12 Nov 2020

Progressive JPEG is one more opportunity to improve web performance. They're 1-3% smaller in size than standard JPEG, even though the image quality is the same. Read the article to see how can you convert your JPEGs to the progressive version quickly:

11 Nov 2020

#BlackFriday is a big day for the retail industry, opening the holiday shopping season. Traffic to shopping sites can increase by up to 137% during these days and bring 20% of annual sales. Check if your platform is ready to handle the load:

10 Nov 2020

đź’ˇ Google Lighthouse is an automated tool for running #performance, accessibility, and #SEO audits. Here, we explain the Lighthouse scoring system and show you six ways to test your platform:


Key locations

  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Runa invested

  • Nov 2019


  • LVL1 Group
  • Vendep Capital

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